I truly cannot believe how much better I feel… Mind, body, and soul!

Wins like these are common among students in Narconon South Texas. I want to share them with you as I often get asked by families of the Narconon students what is it like to do the Narconon program. Let’s have my students’ describe it to you:

Young woman on the hills

I was told on day 1 of the New Life Detoxification how much better I would feel when it was complete but I really didn't believe it. I was in so much pain when I first started. My legs ached constantly and my shins were unbearable. About 10 days into the sauna program, I finally was pain-free. I truly cannot believe how much better I feel… Mind, body, and soul!

A special thanks to the Narconon staff for getting me thru some very rough days.


I’m so grateful I hung in there and completed the process. It has been life-changing!!

J.J. - Narconon South Texas Student

I just completed my Overcoming Ups & Down in Life course. I got to analyze people in my life and decide whether they were good for me or not. I wrote letters to my loved ones, cleared my side of the street and got in better communication. I got on my social media and phone and deleted anyone who uses or I had used with and anyone who just flat out was not good for me. I feel really good about my progress so far!

Jeffrey - Narconon South Texas Student