Learning New Skills

After the New Life Detoxification, where the physical addiction is handled, the Objectives is the next step of the program. During this step of the program, students work together (called twinning) under the supervision of trained staff. The students learn how to use communication positively and to help another. Learning how to effectively communicate might seem, at first, not a big deal. Here’s what a couple students had to say about this step of the program:

Smiling man

While doing the Training Drills I was able to redirect my focus into the present.

Things that crowded my way of thinking became clear and I became more aware of my surroundings and what was happening in the moment I was in. I learned how to effectively communicate with my twin and also how to acknowledge another. The things I learned I feel can be directly applied to real life situations that I will encounter.

S.T.—Narconon South Texas Student

Smiling man

The Training Drills taught me the control of myself and the environment around me.

By maintaining my communication, I can calmly, correctly and effectively handle situations around me.

B.A.—Narconon South Texas Student