Learning the Tools to Stay Sober

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Being up one day and down the next can swiftly turn into a downward spiral that leads to rock bottom. On this course, learn the factors that cause someone to “roller coaster,” emotionally and physically. Establish patterns to improve well-being and learn to spot these factors so you can avoid them or discard them from your life. This is what Sabrina has to say upon completion of the Life Skills course Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life:

I am happy to say that I feel much more relief in my life because I have properly handled the people in my life that were causing me trouble. I have reviewed the qualities of the social and the anti-social personalities and can effectively identify how the people in my life fall into one category or the other. Knowing this tech enables me to communicate (or not communicate) with people in my life effectively and in a way that keeps me out of harm’s way. Thank you again to the Narconon staff and the Narconon technology!

Sabrina—Narconon Student


Tony Bylsma

Tony Bylsma has been working for Narconon as a counselor, administrator and educator in various areas of the US for many years. In addition to helping people overcome their addictions and live drug-free lives, Tony has spoken to over six hundred thousand students, parents and professionals regarding drug abuse and effective abuse prevention. This year Tony is celebrating his 40th year of sobriety!