Lubbock Breaths Sigh of Relief After Fentanyl Dealers Jailed

There was a time when heroin was the deadliest drug on the illicit market. That was before fentanyl began making its way from illicit labs overseas to American drug supplies. Initially, it was added to heroin to give the powder more kick and the drug dealer more profits. Gradually, fentanyl began to be pressed into counterfeit medications or added to other drugs like cocaine. Lubbock, Texas joined thousands of other communities in struggling with this problem. That is, until law enforcement agencies finally cornered and arrested the four people at the heart of their problem with fentanyl.

Here are the four people found to be responsible for trafficking fentanyl into the Lubbock area:

Sidney Lanier, arrested in Texas for fentanyl distribution.
Sidney Lanier ordered drugs from China and processed them for distribution to customers in Lubbock.
  • Sidney Lanier, whose addiction to this painkiller started after he was run over by a truck
  • Jessica Holl received liquid fentanyl from Lanier and processed it for local distribution in powder form
  • Jaime Robertson helped Jessica distribute the drug
  • Landon Brown took the drug from Holl and Robertson and sold it to a circle of 25 regular customers.

These four people were picked up in late 2016 and all pleaded guilty to a variety of charges in early and mid-2017. The sentences ranged from 11 years for Lanier to 17 years for Holl.

Did These Arrests Help Lubbock Residents?

After these four were incarcerated, fentanyl deaths in the area ceased. That’s a good sign that these four were key players in fentanyl distribution to Lubbock and the surrounding area.

Lanier developed this distribution network after discovering how easy it was to order drugs from unscrupulous overseas drug manufacturers. He ordered his drugs through private internet channels and had them shipped via normal package delivery channels. Sidney Lanier ordered drugs from China and processed them for distribution to customers in Lubbock.

Relief Could be Short-Lived

Anyone in law or drug enforcement knows very well what is likely to happen next: A new player will see the vacancy and step up to fill Lanier’s shoes.

A helping hand for a person in trouble.

Fentanyl is the fastest-growing source of drug overdose deaths in the country. From 3,105 fentanyl-related deaths in 2013, the number rocketed to about 20,000 in 2016.

For the moment, there will be fewer fentanyl deaths in the Texas Panhandle. The full solution involves helping the addicted find a way out of their addictions. And that means rehab that frees a person from the need for drugs and doesn’t simply replace one drug with another.

Each person who has destroyed his (or her) life and sober living skills because of addiction needs the right training and guidance to learn the skills he will need every day. If you care about someone who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, who needs recovery before fentanyl or another drug can steal her life away, call Narconon today to learn how this drug-free rehab program can help.



For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.