More Able to Focus on Tasks Ahead of Me

Teen ready to run

Ask any Narconon graduate about the New Life Detox. They’ll tell you they sweated out the drugs locked up in their system and gained a new energy, a new vitality—a new life, free from drug cravings. This is exactly what V.G. has experienced. Here are his words:

Well, first off I realize that my physical being is a lot better than when I started in the Sauna. My dizzy spells and poor circulation is a lot better as well, no more tingles on the left side of my neck and arm.
I feel more able to focus on tasks ahead of me. My mind is clear thinking in thoughts about myself. My patience has increased and my self-confidence has increased, I also wake up happy and ready for whatever the day brings. My conversations with others are positive and encouraging. I am more aware of the company I keep around me even if I’m in a safe place. I feel like most of the toxins are out of my body and my energy levels are better than when I started.

V. G.—Narconon Student


Tony Bylsma

Tony Bylsma has been working for Narconon as a counselor, administrator and educator in various areas of the US for many years. In addition to helping people overcome their addictions and live drug-free lives, Tony has spoken to over six hundred thousand students, parents and professionals regarding drug abuse and effective abuse prevention. This year Tony is celebrating his 40th year of sobriety!