My Personality is Back


As a kid, I was particularly talented in at least one area of my life. This special talent gave me confidence that my life would be awesome, in some way or other.

I hadn’t figured out how that would be, but I had that reality. Well, of course, life isn’t all smooth and I had my losses along the way. My teenage years brought uncertainties, doubts, and experiments with what was out there.

Drinking was the “in thing” for young teenagers to do. I was a bit leery about this because I knew it could lead to becoming an alcoholic, but I saw that people were doing lots of drinking and they didn’t seem to need to do it all the time, so I bailed in—I did a lot of drinking.

Then pot made its way to our corner of Canada. With pot, I was told there were absolutely no drawbacks. It would be fun, and it didn’t harm you in the least. Again I bailed in. Then next to make the scene was LSD. I tried LSD just because it was the only thing other than school to do on a 40-below zero Friday afternoon.

This was a horrifying experience for me. In my hallucinatory state I injured myself, and from that point onward, for about 12 hours, all I did was try to hold onto reality. It was a bad one. With alcohol, I was fortunate that I never developed a need to drink and was always able to just quit whenever I thought I was drinking too much or too often. It didn’t become an addiction for me—nor did pot. But I did begin to get paranoid whenever I smoked pot or hashish.

Well, the LSD and the pot messed me up quite a bit. I could tell that I was changed—this too was horrible, because I was not able to get my old, certain, happy self back. Before I started taking drugs I had a near perfect memory—not necessarily for what they taught me in school—but for anything that was interesting to me. I could tell you exactly what everyone had said during a conversation and so forth. Drugs took that from me, too.

Well, I did gain my way back from all of that. My memory is awesome once again. My personality is back : )

All this was only possible through the technology of Narconon. It really works. There was work involved, but it was the most rewarding work I could have done—the reward being regaining my life back. Truly awesome.



I had big dreams as a kid. In cleaning up my life after drugs, I realized that I only did drugs because I was told they had no lasting effects. I support Narconon because they save people’s dreams! yay!