My Story: Battling 10 Years Drug Addiction and Now I’m Finally Free

Delton T. - Narconon South Texas

My name is Dalton and I have been battling drug addiction for over ten years. I started my drug use in middle school, using weed, pills and alcohol. Through high school my fascination with being high only grew stronger.

I graduated to using weed, pills, alcohol, mushrooms and cocaine. A dark hole was growing inside me and I was oblivious to the hell I was creating for myself. By the time I was eighteen years old , I was the General Manager for Jiffy Lube and was managing operations for five different shops. I was able to buy a car, a house and things were looking really good for me and my future. Everybody thought I had crazy good work ethic and couldn’t believe that I had so much drive.

I didn’t accomplish this on my own though. I had included crystal meth to my addiction to help me keep up with my power house like behavior. This ruined everything for me, and fast. I left my job to seek help, but couldn’t get it fast enough. I had now discovered heroin and it was game over. I lost my house, my car and was sitting in rehab wondering what the heck had just happened and where my life had gone.

The next couple of years had consisted of stays at countless rehabs and living on the streets. I destroyed my relationship with my family, but still could not stop myself from using. I hated the person I became and didn’t want to be an addict. I had no control. I was no longer in the driver seat of my life, drugs were. I was eating out of dumpsters, sleeping in alleys and was completely cut off from my family. I had lost hope and didn’t care that I was freezing to death almost every night. Dying sounded better then living the way I was; struggling every day to stay alive.

I was laying at rock bottom and barely had enough energy to cry. I called my parents to tell them that I had given up and that I loved them. I wasn’t going to be a burden to this world any longer. My father told me that he had found a place that could help me. I declined his offer. I said “12 step programs don’t work for me Dad; we’ve tried all of them. I’m a different kind of addict; one that can’t be helped or saved.”

He then told me about a place called Narconon. It wasn’t a 12 step based program or like any other rehab I have tried in the past. I had nothing to lose, so I agreed to give it one last shot. Only two weeks into the program I started to feel physically better than I had ever dreamed possible. During my stay with Narconon, I gained sixty pounds and felt/looked healthier than I have my entire life. I learned how the people I surround myself and associate with directly affected my life and who I should and shouldn’t keep close to me.

“I learned the tools needed to live honestly and maintain my own integrity/personal values. I continue to remain sober and have a purpose by helping other addicts in need…”

I learned the tools needed to live honestly and maintain my own integrity/personal values. I continue to remain sober and have a purpose by helping other addicts in need. Today I love my life and wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Coming to Narconon has and will always be the best decision I could have ever made. I have a new family and help people who are in need just like I was! I am finally free.

D. T.—Graduate Narconon South Texas


Dalton Traylor

Narconon South Texas Staff Member