No Matter What I’ve Done—All Is Not Lost

Smiling woman

The Narconon program has been very educational in that it helped me look deeper into myself to find the underlying reasons for my behavior. It has provided me with the tools to confront my responsibility with past and future issues, how to prevent relapses due to mistakes I could make, and how to analyze people in my life so that I can choose the right type of person to be around.

The program has completely changed my sleeping habits from not being able to sleep at all without medication to being able to sleep a minimum of 6-7 hours every night without medications or prescriptions. The Objectives training drills are directly responsible for this. Being able to admit and confront my wrongdoings has brought me a lot of peace of mind has also helped my sleep habits.

Narconon has helped me see that no matter what I’ve done, by making it right and continuing to do the right thing, I have the love and support of a lot of people I was afraid I would have lost.

A HUGE thank you to ALL of the Narconon South Texas staff.

T.N.—Narconon South Texas Graduate