Patience Is a Virtue I NEVER Had

The Objectives

Part of the Narconon program is a series of unique exercises called Objectives. The purpose of these exercises is to help a person to let go of the past painful experiences, losses and to comfortably be in the here and now—the present environment, and to have a restored ability to face life without having to resort to drugs.

Content young man
I'm not going to lie, when I first started the “Objective Training Drills”, I thought they were pretty silly and useless. But after successfully completing all of the exercises, I found them to be very helpful.
I learned how to just “be there” in the moment, not letting my mind wander off into past thoughts or worries I may be having about the future. I also learned how to confront another person without becoming distracted or thrown off track from what it is I was trying to say. I discovered that I was actually able to sit “calmly” in one spot, without fidgeting or becoming restless, which I never thought was possible for myself.
I learned not only how to give direction, but take direction as well. But most of all, I learned how to deal with normal “everyday” life situations without becoming irritated or upset. Patience is a virtue I have NEVER had. But through Narconon and the Objectives Training course, I have become a patient (and definitely more confident) individual.

D.J.—Narconon South Texas student