Recovering Responsibility is a Core Component of Rehabilitation

A despondent girl sits on a dock at sunset.

When an individual descends into addiction, many of his (or her) best qualities are left behind. His enjoyment of life, his appreciation of others, his contributions to his family, school and community—these and many other qualities are now absent in his life. His family ordinarily has watched this damage as it was occurring. They may not understand what is happening until they discover that addiction is at the center of these and many other losses.

When this individual enters a drug rehabilitation program, the family is now watching for something completely different. If they see positive qualities return to her life, they can gauge the success of her rehab program. They may ask themselves questions like these as the program progresses:

  • Is she still blaming others for her problems?
  • Does he express any gratitude for the help we have given him?
  • Is she talking about positive goals such as going to school, getting a good job or helping her community?
  • Does he appreciate the family and friends who have not given up on him?
  • Has she mentioned repairing the damage she has done to others?

These points all focus on the development of a heightened sense of responsibility for the person in rehab. A good rehabilitation program will bring about these changes in a person as a natural part of recovery. If they are truly recovering from the harm that drugs or alcohol abuse has done to them, they’ll bring up a desire to accept more responsibility without ever being told they must do so.

Narconon South Texas Helps Woman Recover her Responsibility

At the Narconon drug rehab program in Harlingen, Texas, one woman used this program to see her life in a totally new light. She said:

“This program improves my life on a daily basis. It continuously teaches me new tools to help me improve the condition in my life. It has helped me look deeper into myself and understand what made me turn to drugs and alcohol so that I won’t repeat those mistakes. It’s helped me see my responsibility in things to a whole new level.” T.N.

A person can once again become a good parent when they are truly rehabilitated from addiction.

Step by step, the Narconon drug rehab program strips off the dullness and fogginess resulting from heavy drug and alcohol use and then teaches the life skills that make it easier to take charge once again. When a person feels empowered to create a productive, enjoyable life, responsibility is no longer painful. That’s when a person can lose that compulsion to hide in drug or alcohol abuse. That’s when they can once again become a good mom or dad, daughter or son or friend.

It’s not always easy to accept responsibility for what we have done but a lack of responsibility makes for a far more miserable life than acceptance of responsibility will ever do. At Narconon centers in South Texas and around the world, these changes come from within, from rehabilitation. Call us to learn the details about how our program helps each person who comes to us for help. Call 1-888-370-3578 today.



For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.