The Island Man Pens the Jailbirds in Florida

“Perhaps my poem can help addicts avoid the trips in and out of jails. I wrote this poem when I was in jail when I realized I needed help after two DUIs. It is as true today as it was then.”

Alcohol and DUI
(Photo by J Dennis/

I just got out! Great Yippee!

My eyes can see! At last a tree!

Now it is all about re-finding me.

I am not the man you thought you could see…

No, I’m always alone, that’s by myself

just with my oceans and seas.

A life around those 10,000 islands;

yes, that’s all there is for me.

Sea breeze!

Let me explain about the oceans and seas.

Let’s start with the surf, whether

high tide or low, it pounds the shoreline row after row.

Calling on you, forever more,

the oldest sound is on the shore.

The sand starts right next to the land.

After the land, there is the beach,

and all of that is within your reach.

Freedom is a state of mind.

All boundaries do is put one into a bind.

A hope that you can AWAKE and be

moving on, finding a place to stay free.

Never be broken again, amen to thee.

Around E block no happy trails,

it just smells bad and to no avail.

Get out of there, say it with glee:

Sing it out, then drink some tea.

Add some ice, but make it flakka free.

Keep to yourself, all alone, then you can BELIEVE.

Don’t boast, nor dare to deceive.

So offshore now some dolphins in the sea.

They are dancing together, in their school,

they are fun to watch, really cool.

Around the world, that is where they will be…

For example, the Aleutians, in Bermuda and

even Capri, to mention just three.

There are many thousands more worldwide—

that run from A to Z,

so many islands where dolphins play or flee.

You can sail there, even captain for me.

Now trim her to port for there you can

conquer your fear, it’s your last resort, my dear.

Only in the face of hard waves, harsh wind

is there time for you to mend.

Open up and take the test.

Let it go—get rid of your pest.

On Catalina, some whales came, and they

said to me:

“Fill your thoughts about evil men; they

are the fools that start foolish trends.

Their hatred takes a whale’s life.

Stupidity is what makes those men rope

and snipe around all the RULES.”

Destroying whales, really cruel!

God has given whales fins and He

will have them flap.

Then dive to the bottom of His Seas,

to stir up the waters around those mean men.

There they will die of the bends.

They neither went to prison nor ever made amends.

Too late for them, but we just saved

our fishy friends.

The whales are free and continue to Be.

There is no stopping ETERNITY!

On Florida’s Islands live a different race…

you’ll see the ocean ahead, you can embrace,

and a dirty river is behind a real disgrace.

And the money flows from just one kind.

They are not really nice, just needy

and a real selfish creed.

One wonders; are they from another breed?

They don’t care how your mother survives.

They upset all kinds of other lives.

You must seek more money from her Majesty.

Keep working hard on her pageantry.

Must her Confusion Forever Reign?

Oh, are all of her tourists insane?

Behind the shores of those so grand,

only hurricanes can keep them out of our plan.

Well, they claim the treasure is free!

But that is very hard to SEE.

Their caste system keeps punishing me.

Beware of the evil,

keep your senses all about.

Jail is no fun, always look out.

Beware of the creeps and commanders

that may be about. Don’t get bit

and you won’t freak-out!

Stay focused on the beach.

Keep centered on the sea.

The decisions about VALUES will

ride in on a wave to thee.

Let them roll in and you will see,

let them lap and lap, then we’ll hope

you won’t go back!

Good Luck, see you sailing (maybe).

Here is the beach shot I promise to send.

Share this poem with a friend.

Call when, if ever, you’re free,

and we can have coffee on you

and JUSTICE for me.

Hell, I am way too old and this

message comes from

my Heart and Soul.




Alcohol is a serious problem for an ex-drunk like me. After getting to 2 DUI’s I realized that I needed help and found it in jail. I picked up the Bible and found my salvation there. I have quit drinking and realized that I can never drink again. Eight months in jail helped me wake up.