The New Life Detoxification Has Given Me My Life Back

Happy young man

When I arrived at Narconon, I had no idea what to expect. I felt horrible physically and mentally because of my addiction to alcohol and the toll it had taken on my body and personal relationships. The beginning of the sauna was when things began to change day by day. The first week my endurance and strength were very low. I had what looked like water blisters surrounding parts of my fists and wrists. My hands even began to shed away dead skin.

Ten days into sauna I started to feel like a new person. My mental clarity was surprisingly sharp. Cravings for alcohol disappeared. I had energy I hadn’t felt in years. I slept restful, peaceful sleep throughout the night. I was able to run and workout again. Eating habits became better and I no longer had the little "water blisters" popping up during the sauna. My complexion cleared, my eyes were brighter, even my hair was getting healthier. I hadn't felt that good in fifteen years. Emotionally I have become less anxious. I can better evaluate things that I think about that used to set me into a frenzy of anxiety and worry. Memories from childhood returned. My sense of smell heightened, and my sinus allergy completely disappeared. The things I had been labeled as before I came drifted away.

I realized I am not the names and judgments that people had given me. I am me, I am strong, and I can succeed through challenges. I’m not scared anymore. The supportive staff and fellow students were always with me to encourage and help me through good days and bad.

The New Life Detoxification truly has made me feel that I have been given my life back, a fresh start. I owe all that to this program.

S.T. — Student Narconon South Texas