Three-Quarters of My Life
on Drugs…

Happy and successful woman

I’ve been using (abusing) drugs since the age of 16, I’ll be forty-eight in February (that’s 3/4 of my life). I have been thru several (so-called) rehabilitation programs and incarcerated five times, none of which aided me in refraining from the use of drugs and alcohol.

I entered the Narconon program with hope but a great bit of skepticism as well. “Nothing had worked thus far, why was this place going to be any different?” I came to find out Narconon is different.

The detoxification portion of the program cleansed me of all the previous toxins, radiation and drug residues that had accumulated in my body throughout the years. I was no longer experiencing the pain and discomfort I had been enduring for so long. It’s as if I had been reborn and was starting with a clean slate.

The student “course” portion of the program proved to be equally as effective.

Through “Objective“ training and “Personal Value“ examination, I have been able to free myself from all the pain and negative infliction.

D.J. Narconon South Texas Graduate

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