Why Not Quit Cold Turkey?

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“Alcohol kills”—An alcoholic man with delirium tremens on his deathbed, surrounded by his terrified family. Wikipedia.com

For someone not familiar with alcohol addiction, it may seem like the solution for abuse would be simple. Just stop! Well, abandoning alcohol isn’t like quitting a chocolate habit. Not only is the addiction mental, there are some gnarly and very real physical side effects the body provides as an unpleasant parting gift.

One in twelve Americans struggles with alcohol addiction. This alluring liquid, coming in a variety of appealing colors and flavors, is legal and readily available—everywhere. It’s hard to kick a habit when reminders linger around every street corner, on TV ads and billboards, and within friends’ homes.

As a person drinks more and more, alcohol sinks in its sharp claws insidiously, as if a parasitical alien were alive inside its victim, demanding nutrition. An early warning given to the recipient is a hangover, encouraging the drinker to take just one more glass to ease the headache—then another.

Other side effects might include nausea, sweating, and insomnia. Mentally, a person often feels depressed, lonely and completely devoid of energy. In addition, insomnia can make “sleeping it off” a problem. Although these symptoms aren’t life-threatening, they can be unpleasant enough to compel a person to take just one more drink and then another.

For the more heavy and constant user, the withdrawal symptoms are more ferocious. They can be hit with DTs (Delirium tremens), otherwise known by the descriptive name of “the shakes,” which hits the nervous system resulting in body tremors, confusion, mood change, and even hallucinations. Some experience horrifying seizures within six to forty-eight hours after the last drink. For some people DTs are fatal, making it scary and extremely difficult for people to just quit drinking. So, they ease the horror with just one more drink—then another.

The good news is there is a solution to this horrifying pattern!

If you know someone who has had a long history of alcohol addiction, they need your help now. Please call Narconon today. We have a powerful solution, one that can help to return your family member back into your loving arms, whole and happy.



Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander has watched various family members and friends struggle with addiction throughout her life. She enjoys writing articles to educate others who wish to escape the hooks of addiction permanently.